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Snowflake Challenge Day Two
Deathly Hallows

In your own space, promote three communities, challenges, blogs, pages, Twitters, Tumblrs or platforms and explain why you love them.

Yes. I'm behind. RL and stuff.

This isn't a hard one because honestly, there is so many nice places out there. These are three of my favourite ones:

hoggywartyxmas is a lovely community that, during a succession of years now, parties and posts stories around Christmas and New Year. The standard of writing and art are very high and the stories more often than not deals with the older characters in the HP verse.

one_bad_man is my bestes community, where a bunch of lovely ladies comes together to rec fan fic and fan art dedicated to Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape. There is always room for new reccers.

The Petulant Poetess he same as above, only here I browse around among the fan fics.

And a bonus rec

Deviant Art is the best place for finding fan art. I love it. I can just sit and browse around for hours.

Snowflake Challenge Day One
Deathly Hallows

Day One

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator.

I write in the Harry Potter fandom only, even if I have contemplated writing something in the Jane Austen one from time to time. I've never made a serious attempt to though.

This challenge was a hard one. I'm not to fond of recommending my own work, but I suppose that is the part of the challenge that makes it ... well ... a challenge.

I've chosen three stories that is significant, in different ways, for me as a writer, and maybe I can even go so far as to say my development as a writer.

The first one is called Father's Day and was the first story I wrote that I thought decent enough to publish. It is also a story I had, at that point, a hard time to reconcile myself with since I didn't and still don't know where it came from. Up until I wrote this one I viewed myself as someone that might be able to put together a small romance or some such, but never something dark.

The second one is a story called Founders Story. This was nominated to the HP fanfic awards in the drama/angst category. It amazes me that there are so few stories about the Founders around, and this is, again, a story I don't quite know where it came from and something I never expected to produce.

The third and last on is one of the stories I've written about Filius Flitwick, the character in the HP verse I for some reason, have chosen for myself. I intend to write one installment per HP book, but they are all stand alone stories and can be read independently from each other. The one I'm going to recommend is called
The Filius Files, Part 1: Christmas Celebration. This one falls under the humour category, yet a new surprise to me.

As you have noticed by now, romance, which I set out to write that once upon a time doesn't feature on this list even if I now have written some of that too.

So, in short: I've written in several genres, and about different characters in HP verse.

So there they are. My recs.

I've recieved my gift!
Deathly Hallows
I have recieved my gift at the SSHG Exchange! And what a gift it is. I have recieved, what might be, the most original, lovely and well thought through gift in the exchange.

I'm so very pleased, and I want to pimp my gift here. My gift. Mine. 

*Happy dance*

I'm being possessive here, I know, but you'll understand in a minute. So, I give you:

Snape Angel

I want to finish with a few words for the Mystery Artist: Thank you so much!

Happy Birthday Madeleone!
Deathly Hallows
Have a lovely Birthday! 

So, as I would have said in Swedish: Har den äran på födelsedagen madeleone!

Happy Birthday Moira!
Deathly Hallows
Or as I would say in Swedish:

Har den äran på födelsedagen!

I hope you'll have a lovely day!

Fic: Founders Story
Deathly Hallows
I like the Founders. So I wrote a story about them.  You can find it in the link below. Following the link you'll end up at TPP. Everyone can read it so if you're interested you don't need an account.

Founders Story

The Filius Files, part 1: Christmas Celebration
Deathly Hallows
As most of you already know, one of our own, the lovely and kind Diabólica, gave birth to her and her SO's daughter Sprout, a while ago. That means we have a new little fan girl to indoctrinate take care of.

I have written a story and I want to dedicate it to Sprout. The story comes packaged together with my fondest wishes that she will find good friends that are honest, loyal, kind and have a sense of humour ... the wicked kind of humour will do just fine.

Diabólica has beta read it, and I also had a helping hand, beta wise, from AmyLouise65. So, without further ado, and as a gift from me to Sprout; The Filius Files, part 1: Christmas Celebration.

The links below will rout you to the the fantastic LJ community one_bad_man where this story is posted.

The Filius Files, part 1: Christmas Celebration (chapter one)

The Filius Files, part 1: Christmas Celebration (chapter two)

The Filius Files, part 1: Christmas Celebration (chapter three)

Peace of Mind
Deathly Hallows
I participated in the Founders' Gift Exchange this year. It was a lovely little exchange. I'm happy that a dared to enter it, since it was new territory for me. I'm also proud that I managed to write something in the end, since it turned out it was really hard.

So here it is:

Title: Peace of Mind
Gift for: venturous1
Author: pyttan
Characters/Pairing: Helga, Godric, Salazar/Rowena
Rating: PG
Warnings: Character death, mentioning of war/violence
Genres: angst, romance
Author's Notes: I want to thank my fantastic beta diabolica who has the fantastic ability to bring out the best in a story. I owe her.
Summary: Rowena is waiting. So are the rest of the founders.
Disclaimer: I like to play with JKR's dolls. I always put them back on her shelves. I never earn any money.

Read more...Collapse )

story rec
Deathly Hallows
This is a rec. A fun one.

Pairing, you ask? Why Luna/Dudley of course, who else?


Pimping Founder's Gifts
Deathly Hallows
I want to pimp the lovely exchange at Founder's Gifts.

The founders gets far to little attention but this exchange will add 11 pieces to fandom.

So go and give the writers and artists some love. You can find them here:



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